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Reality Junkies is the kind of stuff that sweet dreams are made of. First pledge that they put forth is the have enough material of pics and movies to keep members busy, very important! Second, they are saying that inside, the pornstars display their sexual insanity once the action begins and this is entertaining stuff indeed. In other words, nasty pornstars fucking and cumming like wild beasts in passion. The material that is inside has teasing stories that ease you into the sex scenes. Let’s take a peep inside and see what’s the latest, what’s the nastiest!

The type of scenes you receive have man-lady hardcore with threesomes happening infrequently here and there. Members are offered some 812+ videos of porn and over 771 image galleries. Video are close to 30 minutes, picture sets can have 450 images each (more or less). These numbers are really impressive and they definitely show that they have a certain level of commitment as far as making new and fresh content is concerned. The updates that they make are continuous and they come in various days during the week.

You will not have to struggle and wonder what kind of material these guys have inside because they offer you great big previews to look at. You get to see either DVD or clips. They have mobile formats and windows media, mp4, flv file formats. Streaming is there, downloading features are there. You will find that they offer options that cater to the people with slow dial connections. The fast internet dial up usurers can have HD material that is magnifico! There are so many fantasies that are covered inside including baby sitters, nurses, uniforms, secretaries, and so many others. The dirty plots are nicely handled by the performers, they won’t win an Oscar, but they will make your dick ooze a creamy fluid! The gals inside engage in different niches with orgasms and cum and ejaculation being the final acts that you will see when the curtain closes.

The gals are different with different skin toes, boobs, and body sizes. They also are experts at making passions rise and rise to boiling levels. In our humble opinion, it does not seem that this site drops the ball as far as design, navigation, material production, variety, models, quality of movies, and other areas are concerned. They should make finding the zip file for image downloads a bit easier or provide it if they haven’t already!

You wanted a place where you get hardcore porn that is fantasy filled and produced with high standards. They wanted a place to show off their skills, models, imagination, and hardcore porn making talent. The result is the Reality Junkies website and you can now easily join. A plot inside a nicely produced porn scenes sounds like what the doctor recommended so go on and check out this site!