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I always tell my friends that if they want a porn site that would be a truly massive resource of lasciviousness, they should settle for nothing less than a “pass” site. You know, it’s basically any porn site that has the word pass on its name. But yesterday, I just realized that there’s more to it than just the pass sites, that there is an exception to what has been tradition like a promo code. So today, I’m going to do a quick review of one of the most promising adult sites that I’ve ever come to know. It’s called ALS Scan, so read on for my personal, experiential take on it.

There are two different points to which you should consider yourself the perfect candidate for the ALS fever, and nope, not the ice bucket challenge thingy for the imminently impaired corporeal. First of all, if you are tired of empty promises and want to disprove yourself of the disillusionment. The other one is that if you are looking for a massive porn collection that will never tire you out. If any or both of these would be resonant to your condition, then ALS Scan is for you. But seriously, it’s an all-in-one porn site for everything that’s high quality, so yeah, you qualify whatever your status may be!

There are lots of goodies and treats to look forward to from the magical, mystical wonderland which is the database of They have everything actually, from pretty girl next door type of videos to the MILF madness, boyfriend cheating galore, sister having incestuous time with bro or father, mother fucking some hot plumber, getting laid after a time at the bar, bukake sessions with the most amazing girl in town, and more. Yup, there are all laid down for your glory, all constitutive to the 1,600 plus videos list of the site. You can filter the search results, stream in HD, and even download the videos as you please. Each video would be good for at least 30 minutes of sexual inventiveness and you can download as much as you want daily.

The most amazing part about ALS Scan is that despite the amazing content it exudes, the discount subscription rate is only at $8.33 a month, reasonably cheap compared to most collection porn sites (see the BangBros coupon here) out there. If you want to make the most out of your hard earned bucks, this is the only place you need to get involved to.

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Respect your elders, they say. While that is not a legally binding rule, it is still a rule and it has since been a custom passed throughout the ages. And indeed the custom has been practiced successfully across the world with certain enhancements as I would put it. For instance, we don’t just make this principle apply to an actual person, but also to other areas of life such as entertainment sources and whatnot. Such is the case with Scoreland that has been around for over 22 years now. Like what have we to contend the contents of this site?

Yup, you read that right. The site has been around for 22 years now. Imagine that, they have been in existence even before the internet actually became popular. They are considerably the pioneers of visual and interactive porn. A well of life, the masters of the porn universe. So much for that, the videos within the site are classified not only per niche but also per decade, which would make your retrospective desire much easier to follow through. One important thing I must say about Scoreland is that it does not fail to produce exclusive content and allow the subscribers to discover sensual ancients they might have missed. Moreover, they do not just follow a principle have become a principle to be followed by the sites of the new generation. makes sure that it live up to its promises. And that is why today, there are over 1,690 videos for you to choose from, coming from the vintage classics all the way to the modern digital era. If you love Kathy Hart, Just Amber, Dani Ashe, and other popular porn stars of the given line, they have them all prepared for you. That is why the site has been branded as a source of porn for all the different tastes of the prurient society. And that goes to say whatever your taste in porn maybe, whether you’re into the classics or the current trends, big boobs and big asses, wonderful curves, angelic faces and other assets that really make the elegant sex machine, this is the place to be.

If you love to watch the videos on HD, great, the site has made that possible for half of its content base. If you want to download the videos and take your show backstage at work or at the gym or wherever you are, Scoreland permits that with no limits

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Reality Junkies is the kind of stuff that sweet dreams are made of. First pledge that they put forth is the have enough material of pics and movies to keep members busy, very important! Second, they are saying that inside, the pornstars display their sexual insanity once the action begins and this is entertaining stuff indeed. In other words, nasty pornstars fucking and cumming like wild beasts in passion. The material that is inside has teasing stories that ease you into the sex scenes. Let’s take a peep inside and see what’s the latest, what’s the nastiest!

The type of scenes you receive have man-lady hardcore with threesomes happening infrequently here and there. Members are offered some 812+ videos of porn and over 771 image galleries. Video are close to 30 minutes, picture sets can have 450 images each (more or less). These numbers are really impressive and they definitely show that they have a certain level of commitment as far as making new and fresh content is concerned. The updates that they make are continuous and they come in various days during the week.

You will not have to struggle and wonder what kind of material these guys have inside because they offer you great big previews to look at. You get to see either DVD or clips. They have mobile formats and windows media, mp4, flv file formats. Streaming is there, downloading features are there. You will find that they offer options that cater to the people with slow dial connections. The fast internet dial up usurers can have HD material that is magnifico! There are so many fantasies that are covered inside including baby sitters, nurses, uniforms, secretaries, and so many others. The dirty plots are nicely handled by the performers, they won’t win an Oscar, but they will make your dick ooze a creamy fluid! The gals inside engage in different niches with orgasms and cum and ejaculation being the final acts that you will see when the curtain closes.

The gals are different with different skin toes, boobs, and body sizes. They also are experts at making passions rise and rise to boiling levels. In our humble opinion, it does not seem that this site drops the ball as far as design, navigation, material production, variety, models, quality of movies, and other areas are concerned. They should make finding the zip file for image downloads a bit easier or provide it if they haven’t already!

You wanted a place where you get hardcore porn that is fantasy filled and produced with high standards. They wanted a place to show off their skills, models, imagination, and hardcore porn making talent. The result is the Reality Junkies website and you can now easily join. A plot inside a nicely produced porn scenes sounds like what the doctor recommended so go on and check out this site!